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Mr. Ivan Garcia

Head Bartender

Ivan Garcia, a proud native of Tlaxcala, Mexico, brings a rich tapestry of cultural influences to the world of mixology. Born and raised in the vibrant landscapes of Tlaxcala (yes, it does exist!), Ivan's journey in the hospitality industry reveals a true passion for the art of crafting cocktails.

Embarking on his mixology odyssey, Ivan honed his skills at renowned establishments such as Dante, Soho House, and Cocktail Academy. His dedication to the craft led him to The Cactus Shop, where he found the perfect platform to not only create exceptional drinks but also to educate patrons about the intricacies of Mexican culture and traditions through the art of mixology.

Ivan's roots run deep, intertwined with cherished memories of his childhood spent in the campo, alongside his grandfather collecting aguamiel from the Maguey plant. This golden nectar would later be transformed into Pulque, the revered drink of the goddess, and blended with fruits to create the exquisite Curados.

A mixologist since birth, Ivan's go-to libation is the Toro cocktail with Devocion coffee – an off-menu secret item that encapsulates his innovative approach to mixology. Join Ivan on a sensory journey that transcends borders, as he skillfully weaves Mexican heritage into every pour, creating an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.