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Nuestra casa es tu casa

There are lots of cool bars in Brooklyn, but none quite like The Cactus Shop. 

This vivacious venue is about to bring a whole new meaning to your typical speakeasy-style bar. Step inside, and you’ll immediately get a sense of establishment, the kind you’d find in an authentic cantina in Mexico City. Each colorful wall is adorned with artisan crafts, while an emporium of curated plants and products complement the enchanting atmosphere. When you want to step outside, an intimate courtyard will set the scene for many a heady summer’s evening or sleepy Sunday brunch. 

From the elevated street food to the disarming decor and irresistible ambiance, The Cactus Shop is sure to set the tone for a new era of blended venues that blur the lines between bar, bistro, and boutique.

Our Team